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Do you have a story that embodies life in America’s Heartland? Midblessed is seeking submissions for its inaugural edition.

*Midblessed: Stories from the Heartland*
Located at the crossroads of belonging and discovery, *Midblessed* is a
story collective celebrating the spirit of America’s heartland. We trace
the threads of Midwestern heritage--generosity, industry, and
authenticity--across the patchwork of our native experience.

*What It Is*
*Midblessed: Stories from the Heartland* is twelve stories--one
representing each Midwestern state--told by real voices of individuals who
personify the spirit of the region.

*How It Works*
Each state’s story is told through a person or experience that embodies
living truly Midwest. The stories come to life through unique microsites
filled with photography, prose, video, and design.

*Why It Works*
Although the Midwest lacks the wealthy luster of the coasts, the historic
stillness of the south, and the vaulted spiritualism of the west, its
inhabitants still call it “home.” *Midblessed* honors that pride,
illustriously illustrating the region for its audience.

*Threads - Generosity*
The Midwest belongs to all of us. We intend to share it with natives and
visitors alike. We open our hearts, our doors to share the spirit of the
central states. All are welcome.

*Threads - Industry*
The Midwest works. Early mornings, weathered hands, and aching muscles
signal this place as one of purpose. Our diligence canvasses the landscape
in rural and urban enterprise. Roll up your sleeves.

*Threads - Authenticity*
The Midwest tells the truth, the whole story, because it has nothing to
lose. We pride ourselves on honesty and never fictionalize the narratives
of our home. Fidelity is our duty.

*Crossroads - Belonging*
The Midwest is home. It claims us and we claim it, the culture, the people,
the stories, the land. We belong here and nowhere else.

*Crossroads - Discovery*
The Midwest is diverse. Our heritage is complex. Around every corner a new
opportunity awaits. We seek to explore it.

Do you have a story that embodies life in America’s Heartland? *Midblessed* is
submissions for its inaugural edition. Please contact


Quin Hoffman is the Director of a talk show called Exposure that airs on the Impact 89fm student-run radio station at MSU.  They have recently decided to create a 5 to 10 minute segment at the end of the show called, "the Michigan Storytellers Segment." They are looking for people to come on and tell their stories on air. The program looks to emulate the Moth Radio Hour with true, interesting/meaningful/funny stories.

Email a summary of your story to exposure@impact89fm.org

*  *  *

Scam Alert Targeting Performers with Websites
(The company is unnamed here as there may be more than one.  Wouldn't want to have a slander problem either, but the method deserves mentioning for the safety of my fellow performers)

Storytellers and possibly other performers are being targeted by telemarketers for a digital marketing company promising website Search Engine Optimization for a low introductory price, normally $__ , but $_ to introduce their company.  Fortunately I told the caller I wanted to check online first.  I'm glad I did.
I know the company is targeting storytellers because a fellow storyteller asked about them on Facebook.  That's when I knew my being called was only one of many storytellers and performers being called about their websites. 

In case you didn't see my Facebook reply: DON'T DO IT!!! They called me. Read online reports about the company and say: No Thank You. Do Not Call Further.
LoiS(till a researcher and am learning to do it before buying)

I sent the alert to Storytell, the international email list for storytellers, and a fellow storyteller on the west coast said:
But gosh, it’s been WEEKS since they settled the Federal and New York legal cases filed against them. What could possibly be wrong?
They were accused of poor practices that were technically illegal in some jurisdictions. One of the most annoying was posting fake reviews on web sites. I know that’s been done for a long time on Amazon and other sites, but there’s actually a term for it now: it’s called “Astroturfing.” I’ve been afraid to ask why, but I assume it’s because it looks real but isn’t.

At the Folk Alliance Region West conference I’ve met a couple of people who do help performing artists do digital marketing. Legitimate ones do exist, but they’re not the ones who cold-call you, for the most part.

If anyone on the west coast needs help with their digital marketing, email me off-list, because I have a recommendation for someone who seems very knowledgeable, likes storytelling, and probably has room for new clients.