Questions about the site MichiganStorytelling.org:

Where can I write to you?
- Why do you drop the @ from email addresses on the Organizations page?
Spam is a fact of computer life.  I don’t want the contacts for the organizations to have their email address information captured by spambots.  To email any of the contact people on an organization listed, please return the email address to its proper format like this: ContactPerson@wherever.net .
- How long has this site been up?
April of 2008.  All copies of MI Story from that date onward can be viewed by clicking on the Archive in the sidebar for the date you wish to see.
- Who are the people running this site?
My name is Lois Sprengnether Keel (or LoiS) and I’m a Michigan storyteller and state liaison for National Storytelling Network http://storynet.org. I design, create and maintain MichiganStorytelling.org to guarantee that you can find online information about storytelling events and organizations in Michigan.
- Why is there both an email subscription version and this online version of Michigan Storytelling?
The email newsletter, MI Story, is worth your subscribing, contact Judy Sima at Judy@JudySima.com to subscribe, but if you would prefer to look online, are visiting Michigan, or are new to Michigan, then this site is for you.
Judy Sima edits and distributes the email newsletter, MI Story and has been very supportive in my developing this site because she, too, wants as many people as possible to find storytelling in Michigan.
- Can I use the info from your site?
I do not own or have copyright for the MI Story posts, so I therefore can not deny people the right to use them.  MI Story is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.  Creative Commons Non-commercial copyright gives permission to all to copy and distribute MI Story providing there is no fee to recipient, but with credit to Webmaster Lois Sprengnether Keel.  The newsletter itself is copyrighted, so permission must come from the editor, Judy Sima.
- Aside from information on the various Michigan storytelling organizations, what information is listed on MichiganStorytelling.org that can’t be found in the issues of MI Story?
The Bulletin Board page permits posting of information that may have missed the deadline of the current MI Story issue or the posting of more complete information than the MI Story email newsletter has room to post.
- Do you like/take feedback and suggestions? How quickly do you reply to e-mail sent to you?
I do indeed. All feedback and suggestions are welcome.  I try to reply to all the messages I receive as soon as possible.
- How often do you update?
Updates are made as each new edition of MI Story is published and as other new information is received. Information and news is released onto the site as soon as I have the time to update.
- Would you ever use the site for a survey?
Absolutely.  What kind of survey related to Michigan storytelling would you like to see?